1916 Cumberland Colts team
Dan Yaw of Tampa, FL., 2001



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Take a look at Minor League Baseball during the Deadball era and Great World War (aka World War I). In 1915, baseball was thriving in various towns from Western Maryland, the West Virginia panhandle, and South Central Pennsylvania with the introduction of The Class D, Blue Ridge League. This was a time when there were no individual affiliations with Major League baseball clubs, and players were notorious using aliases to play in this league. The names, Connie Mack, Jack Dunn, and Clark Griffith, were commonplace, as each sent promising players to the league for seasoning, and even sent their Major League clubs to play in exhibition games. Players like Bill Sherdel, Marvin Goodwin, Lu Blue, Clyde Barnhart, Hank Thormahlen, Vic Keen, and Jimmy Dykes made their professional debuts during this time, and even a future Major League umpire, now in the Hall of Fame, Bill McGowan. This was time in our history that was once lost, and almost forgotten.

Mark C. Zeigler brings us back to a time when the game of baseball was played for the love of the sport, bringing communities together to support their teams, despite the ravages of war and uncertainty, that loomed overseas. This book is also features personal biographies, standings and statistics of the league from the 1915 through 1918 seasons, including no-hitters, grand slams, and more!
Here is your chance to pre-order "Boys of the Blue Ridge - The Early Years (1915-1918)" before publication. 2005, by Mark C. Zeigler. ISBN 1-59975-204-2.

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